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Mexican Women's Huipil with Beautifully Flowers Crochet from Chiapas One Size Fits M L

- Mexican Women's Blouse Huipil with Beautifully crochet work from Chiapas Highlands, Southern Mexico.
- The Style is characteristic of El Bosque Zapatista community.
- It's a great specimen of Ethnic Clothing from Mexico.
- Totally fashionable and super rare find! Goes great with jeans, leggings, skirt, shorts. You name it!
- Manta cloth with hand embroidery in cotton thread. Very fine, completely hand smocked.
- This Piece is Identified with SKU #01628

- One size fits M L
- Neck: 11 inches
- Width at shoulder: 22 inches
- Bust:22 inches wide, 44 inches total can fit someone with a 36-40 bust
- Length: 25 inches
- Weight: 126.5 grams