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Mayan Copal

Since 2009, Mayan Copal has changed in many ways, those changes have allowed us to increase our catalog of products taking care of our fair prices and always maintaining the quality of service that distinguishes us.

Since the beginning our mission has always been to show to the world the awesome work of the artisans of Southern Mexico. The variety of products we carry include Hand Embroidered Clothing, Amber, Copal Incense Sticks and Folk Art, mainly elaborated by Mayan and Zapotecan women in the states of Chiapas and Oaxaca.

Currently our main markets are North America, Europe and Asia thanks to customers like you who appreciate the cultural value of our products. Because of that, the artisans who work with us have found a way of making a living by spreading their culture through selling to Mayan Copal.

Thank you to all our valued customers; Your business and feedback is always appreciated.