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Mexican Amber many insects Termite Stingless Bee Insect Inclusion Speciemen

    1. Dates from: 22 Million Years Old.
    2. Color: This amber glows Green under UV and Sun light.
    3. Transparency: Good Clarity (Full Polished).
    4. Weight: 31.3 grams / 156.5 Carats.
    5. Dimensions: 55 mm x 47.5 mm x 20 mm.
    6. Origin: Chiapas, Mexico.
    7. Inclusion: Termites, Sting-less Bee and other insects.
    8. SKU #01083

    Mexican Amber is amber found in Mexico, created during the late Oligocene and early Miocene epochs of the Cenozoic Era in Southwestern North America, it may contain inclusions such as prehistoric insects, arthropods, plant fragments or epiphyllous fungi. It is worked into jewelry including pendants, rings and necklace, native people have believed amber stone to have healing and protective qualities.

    1. In its natural form, direct from the mines near San Cristobal de las casas.
    2. This type of amber is certified authentic by the known scientific authorities.
    3. Nice size to be sculpted or be cut into cabochons/spheres.