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Mayan Mexican Handwoven Runner Rebozo Sarape Shawl Wrap Bandana Pareo Scarf From Chiapas

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* Mexican handwoven Shawls are woven on a backstrap loom with nice geometric tribal style patterns brocaded right into the cloth by a master weaving family of San Andres Larrainzar, Chiapas.
* San Andres is one of the meccas of Mayan textiles in Mexico and these pieces are living proof.
* This piece also serves as a table runner or at the foot of a bed with it's simple fringe hanging at the sides.
*Handwoven cotton cloth with brocade embroidered by hand on each end. Braided-finish all by hand.
* Very fine quality, luxurious slightly open weave, yet totally strong and durable!
* Very soft.
*New. Hand wash, hang dry.

Color: blue with cream colorful cloth
Width: 23 inches
Length: 68 inches

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