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30g Amber Chips Yellow Green Red Blue from Chiapas Mexico tumbled matte finish

Yellow Green Blue Red Tumbled Amber Chips

Weight is 30g

Nice tumbled shapes, matte finish.

Perfect for DIY projects such a jewelry or home decor and amulet pieces.

Matte polished with blue green color in sunlight and other lights.
With few impurities.

Grade A/B.

Mexican Amber occurs in the coal sediments as nodules or in sheets of variable thickness. Heavy compressed due lithification process, this amber shows encrusted textures to bright, semicrystalline surfaces due to weathering. Molds and crust linked to tree bark are also observable in amber with sheet forms. Several amber samples (mostly nodular shapes) show depositional episodic layers; this is consistent with different events of production. The resin was successively accumulated forming a hardened mass with multilaminar layers. Living resin-producing trees show similar seasonal variations with increased resin depositions during summer.

This amber occurs in rocks from the Mazantic and Balumtum Formations, dated as earlymiddle Miocene in age. The amber deposits are associated with nearshore and lowlands sediments.

Fossil biota, both plants and animals, are also linked to a subtropical forest.

The amber mined in Chiapas belongs to the Mazantic and Balumtum strata, early-middle Miocene, ca. 23-13 Ma.