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Mexican Women's Blouse Huipil Tunic High Quality Mayan from Chiapas M/L

    1. Neck: 11 inches.
    2. Width / Bust: 42 inches (fits 36-38 bust).
    3. Size: M/L.
    4. Length: 21 inches.
    5. Weight: 194 grams.
    6. Made in: Chiapas, Mexico.
    1. Hand wash and Hang dry.
    1. Huipil from the Nahuatl word is the most common traditional garment worn by indigenous women from central Mexico to central America. It is a loose-fitting tunic, generally made from two or three pieces of fabric which are then joined together with stitching with an opening for the head and if the sides are sewn, opening for the arms. The length of the huipil can vary from a short blouse-like garment or long enough to reach the floor. They have different purposes as for weeding and even to dress the statues of saints.
    2. Mexican folk, Hippie boho, Cowgirl Frida Kahlo, Fiesta Party style.
    3. This rarity of a Mexican Blouse is a Mayan huipil from the town of San Andres, Larrainzar, Chiapas state.
    4. San Andres is one of the meccas of Mayan textiles in Mexico and these pieces are living proof.
    5. Black art silk finely embroidered on woven white & red cotton cloth.
    6. Cotton woven tediously into a cloth and at the same time brocaded or embroidered in art silk by hand very finely. Very fine. Totally fashionable and super rare find.

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