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Mexican Women's Accessories Rebozo Shawl Scarf High Quality Woven Chiapas

This rarity of an original Mexican Rebozo Shawl, handwoven on backstraploom by a Mayan masterweaver from the town of San Andres Larrainzar, Chiapas, Mexico.
It's a great specimen of Frida Kahlo Style!
Pure Cotton, tediously woven and brocaded by hand using some of the most ancient designs known to the North American continent.
Very fine quality, luxurious slightly open weave, yet totally strong and durable!
Totally fashionable with denim jeans, yoga pants, shorts etc., to make that original outfit complete! Super rare find! New.
Handwash, hand dry. Handwoven cotton cloth with brocade embroidery by hand on each end.
Braided-finish all by hand.
Width: 10 inches/ 25 cm
Length: 71 inches/ 180 cm

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