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Mexican Women's Accessories Rebozo Shawl Beautiful Pattern Frida Kahlo Style

* These Mexican Shawls are made in jacquard looms with nice geometric patterns embroidered right into the cloth.
* The fringes are simple and the piece also serves as a great baby carrier as well.
* It's the all in one piece really for its size and soft cloth.
* Recommended as a throw for sitting down at your favorite chair, baby wrap, scarf, shawl etc.
* Material: Synthetic blend yarn.
* Easy to wash in machine by itself or by hand.
*  Hang dry or low heat.
* This Article is identified with SKU# 0466

The Measurements are:

* 70 cm (27.5 inches) wide
* 180cm (70 inches) long without fringes.
* About 200cm (78 inches) long with fringes.

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