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Mexican Oaxaca Black Clay Pottery Skull Figurine Accessories

    1. Color: Black.
    2. Material: Pottery.
    3. Brand: Unbranded.
    4. Dimensions: 4 inches x 3 inches.
    5. Made in: Oaxaca, Mexico.
    6. SKU #05748

    Pottery are ceramic wares that contain clay when formed, and also one of the oldest human inventions with a different kind of shapes and sizes.

    1. We bring to you this skull figurine, totally made by hand in black clay.
    2. Black clay is a style of pottery from Oaxaca, Mexico, distinguished by its color, sheen and unique designs.
    3. Oaxaca is one of few Mexican states which is characterized by the continuance of its ancestral crafts, which are still used in everyday life.

Collections: Mexican Folk Art

Category: Pottery

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