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Mexican Ethnic Textiles Mayan Style Belt From Chiapas Highlands

    1. Width: 10 inches.
    2. Length: 104 inches.
    3. Weight: 300 grams.
    4. Made in: Chiapas, Mexico.
    5. SKU #0212
    1. Hand wash and Hang dry.
    1. Original Mexican Textile Red Belt, hand woven on backstrap loom, from Chiapas Highlands, Southern Mexico.
    2. Pure Cotton, tediously woven by hand using some of the most ancient designs known to the North American continent.
    3. It's a good example of Ethnic Textile from Mexico.
    4. Totally fashionable with denim jeans, shorts etc., to make that original outfit complete.
    5. Hand woven cotton cloth.
    6. Large sized.


Category: Belt